Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Mission

One of my supporters suggested I look at the mission statement of the Burlington Board of Selectmen and articulate how I would follow it if I were elected. I promise to continue my public service to the voters just as I have done as a Town Meeting member for twelve years and Ways and Means member for two years.

I will:

  • Support only controlled redevelopment of commercial property. I will support a policy to protect our wetlands and our water supply. Specifically, I will fight hard so Burlington can
    continue to be one of the few towns that does not have to buy water from the MWRA, which burdens taxpayers with excessive fees. I will continue to fight to protect open space from commercial development, whether it is our own land (landlocked parcel) or property in Burlington that we don’t own {Mary Cummings property). I will work to preserve that rural look that we’ve lost over the 50 years I have been a resident of Burlington.
  • Continue to support the school and recreation programs. My three sons went through the Burlington school system and participated in many recreation programs. I understand the value that strong schools and recreation bring to the residents. Further, these programs attract young families to our town and are an investment in our community.
  • Be approachable and available to all town employees, both union and non-union. I will treat them with the same dignity and respect as I have done with my own employees for the
    past 22 years.
  • Support efforts to make life comfortable for our seniors. My mother participated in various activities offered by the Burlington Council on Aging. I support door-to-door transportation for our seniors in town. As a Ways and Means Committee Member, I supported the new COA bus that will be coming to town this summer.
  • Be considerate in spending taxpayers’ money to balance life quality for our residents with keeping the tax burden in check. As a small business owner, I know how to balance expenses with services. We need to continue the vital services that this community has maintained for many years. I’ll also be cooperative with small business owners who provide jobs for many in our town, including Burlington students.

I will always keep an open mind and search for better ways to raise the bar. I promise to keep the quality of our town government as high and as transparent as possible.

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